Monday, December 7, 2009

Come See...What Art-Is-In {Artisan} Chat

Welcome to our Artisan Chat! Today we are chatting with Victoria from Three Fates Design. Victoria is another of those wonderful artists I met through Entrecard. I really enjoy her work - her colors are so vibrant and I look forward to seeing what new techniques she's exploring. Victoria has an adorable little puppy - Yoda who after some health issues is now on the mend and from what I hear, just as rambunctious as ever. Victoria is offering free shipping on all orders! All sales will help pay for the surgery that saved little Yoda. So, let's get on with the Artisan Chat!

Where can we find your work?

I sell my work on etsy, 1000 markets, and art fire, as well as at local shows in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

What attracted you to beadweaving and lampworking? How did you get started?

My mom is an artist, my dad is a musician, my baby sister is a wonderful photographer, and my brother is an artist and a musician, I think it runs in the family. I really struggled to find a media that I enjoyed; I tried everything and then tried it again. Then my mom bought me some string and beads, and I was hooked. I soon started pushing myself to make more complicated designs. I started lampworking a few years ago. I have always been enamored with lampwork beads, they are just so beautiful. The second I made my first bead (which I still have) I was hooked. I love being able to make a unique bead and then incorporating them into my beadwork.

What type of environment do you create in?

I work everywhere. I have a bead room, but most of my beadwork is done in the living room, or the bed room, or the car, and even the bus. Beadwork is fairly portable, so I never leave the house without some sort of project.I have a small work table right now for my lampworking, but I’m hoping to have my own work space soon (we’re in the market for a house right now).

It’s clear you are always exploring and willing to share your new work, what drives you to try something new?

I like to push myself. I tend to get bored very easily, so always trying something new and pushing myself to think outside of the box keeps me focused. And who wants to do the same thing over and over again, anyone would get bored.

What inspires you?

Everything. I feel like everything around me has a little bit of inspiration on me. I like nature, but I also love architecture and geometry. It’s all beauty and inspiration in my eyes.

Can you tell us a little bit about the process? What’s your favorite part?

Chaotic at times. I always have a few projects going at the same time, but I usually have one main one that I’m working on. I think my favorite part is the beginning; the thrill of not really knowing if my idea is going to work out is great. All the beads or different glass colors sitting in front of me, they are just individual beings at this point, but soon they will work together to make something fantastic. I love that part.

Do you use social networking? How has it worked for you?

I do use a lot of social networking. I have a facebook page , a myspace page , and a twitter account, oh and a blog, but I’m not really sure if that’s social networking.I feel that social networking has really helped to get my business name out there. I know there are lots of people that would have never even heard of my work if it wasn’t for social networking sights. I have also been able to connect with a lot of other artists out there, and that’s pretty invaluable. You can bounce ideas off of them, get feedback about ideas and designs, as well as become inspired by their work.

What do you look forward to?

Packages of beads and/or glass on my front porch. That’s always something to look forward to.

If you weren’t a jewelry artist, what would you be doing instead?

Art wise, I think I would like to be a photographer. I’ve always really enjoyed taking pictures, but I’m not that good at it.If I wasn’t an artist at all, I think I would be doing what I do every day; research. It’s just something I’ve always enjoyed doing.I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What have you always wanted to try?

PMC. I really want to get my hands on some. I started Lampworking because it fascinated me, but it also gave me the opportunity to create my own centerpieces and then create a piece of jewelry that was uniquely my own. I see PMC in the same light. I’m dying to make my own decorative clasps and someday I will.

Thank you Victoria for sharing so much with us! Looking at your work again, I can definitely see the influence of geometry and I can't wait to see some PMC clasps! Thanks for visiting, and remember - free shipping on everything in her shop - do a little shopping and help a little puppy!

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  1. Oh I LOVE her work! And little Yoda is absolutely adorable!


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