Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jung and my Art - project

Previously, I wrote a little bit about this class I am taking on Carl Jung and his process of Active Imagination. The final project of the course was to create something - a painting, a poem, a dance, a song, etc., from a dream, or a feeling or image from a dream. The idea is to tap into our unconscious world while in our conscious state and allowing the result to manifest itself physically. The ultimate goal being "individuation" or solidifying the Self. This can be therapeutic as well as allow one to investigate worries (consciously known or unknown).

Jung believed in a universal symbolism which we can apply to the analysis of our dreams once we have identified our personal references. This process is incrediblely personal and complex.

I tried an number of mediums to explore the dream image I selected. The image I selected was a blue flower in the shape of a sun-flower. Without going into all the intracaies of it, a blue flower is an archetypical image and representative of a mandala. As I mentioned, I approached a number of mediums before deciding on this one. I did this as I was concerned I would not be able to separate the "artist" from the process and allow the experience to flow. But I found I could not commit to the other mediums and as I started this piece, I found I was able to let it flow, without editing or judging the quality or refinement of the work.

I enjoyed the process and I am pleased with the outcome. And, without going into a semester's worth of exploration, I feel I was successful in Active Imagination and my journey to individuation.

materials - copper wire, lapis (philosopher's stone), thread

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