Sunday, April 26, 2009

My mother's jewelry

Is there a piece of jewelry that always makes you think of your mother? Is it something she wore often? My mom had some fun, fabulous jewelry when I was growing up. The one I remember most is the ladybug necklace. I thought it was sooo cool that if you pushed the button, the wings opened and revealed...a watch! I remember the giddiness I felt when I knew she would let me push the button. It was like waiting for the coo-coo to come out of the clock.

I've included an image to give you the idea...but it's not the giveaway! :)

Leave me a few lines about your mother's jewelry that you remember and it will enter you to win these sterling silver and shell flower earrings. Enter a second time by tweeting about this giveaway and leave the link of your tweet. If you want to enter a third time, just visit my Etsy shop and leave a comment telling me your favorite piece. Make sure to leave me a way to contact you if you win!

Share your story about your mother's jewelry! Giveaway will run until Friday, May 22 9:00 pm (EST). The winner will be chosen at random and posted on the evening of Sunday, May 25. Earrings dangle 1 and 1/4" from the bottom of the ear wire.


  1. Seems as if nobody wants to be first, so I will start.
    My mother is 54 and I'd love to see her live another 50 years. So the jewelry I'm talking about is not mine but still hers. She has a lot of jewelry, but there is one story that comes to my mind .

    She once had a ring made of 14 kt gold round beads on elastic thread. She loved to wear it, but one day the thread just broke. She managed not to lose any of the beads, picked them up and kept them in a box under the bed, being sad about not being able to wear it any more.

    When I started making jewelry (the first elastic bracelets) some years later, my mother came up to me and asked whether I could try to repair it. I gave it a try, it worked, and now it's one of her favorite pieces again.

    If you're interested you can see some pictures here but the blog is in German.

  2. oh boy thats hard - there is nothing in particular that stands out to me expect my parents wedding rings. They were simple bands, and they matched each other (mom and dads) and growing up, thats how I thought it was supposed to be. I never knew anything about big diamonds and fancy engagement rings until I was way into my teens. I always thought that was kind of funny.
    Thanks for the great giveaway, those earrings are super cute!
    nicole @lillyella

  3. and my favorite piece in your shop is a toss up between the grape pendant or he red aventurine necklace, love them both!
    thanks :)

  4. I remember my moms jewelry box really well,no matter how many times i looked through it i would find something else that she would let me wear throughout the day until it was time for bed and she would carefully place it back in her box.
    My favorite was her wedding ring which is the tiniest size 3 1/2!!
    Now she passes quite a bit of her Avon jewelry down to me:)

  5. I enjoyed checking out your shop!! Everything is so pretty and unique. I love the Vintage Lady and She Wears Flowers In Her Hair necklaces a lot:)

  6. I remember my mom wearing my meemaw's diamond ring. Mt grandpa brought back the biggest of the diamonds from Vietnam and had it put into an interesting setting.

  7. When I was young, my mom dabbled just the tiniest bit into making jewelry and she made two necklaces I think. They were simply silver beads with a silver charm in the middle. I only remember what the charm was for one of them and it was a turtle. I just always thought those necklaces were the coolest things in the world because I couldn't believe my own mom could make something like that. I thought she was pretty awesome (and she is.)

    Thanks for having such a fun giveaway and for the memory prompt. I had forgotten about it and it's fun to remember!



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