Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kudos Collection for the week

It's so nice when we get featured we want to shout it to the world. As an active tweeter I see a number of these tweets throughout the week and I thought it would be nice to start collecting them. These wonderful artists deserve some here is the collection found via tweets for the week!

Kudos to sagittariusgallery - featured on luvhandmade

Kudos to thehauntedhollow featured on Etsy front page

Kudos to AliBaliJewellery featured on Etsy front page

Capturing these Kudos is a game of right place, right time so if I miss yours and you would like to be included in the Kudos collection for the week, please email me with the details by Friday evening of the week you were featured and I'll be happy to include you!

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