Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jung and my art

I'm taking a course about Jung and Active Imagination. The first half of the class we concentrated on dreams, archetypal symbols in dreams and their meanings. Now we are into the Active Imagination portion - which I am very excited about. In a nutshell, this entails taking an emotion or an image from your dream (your unconscious world) and exploring it through action in your conscious world. This can be done through painting, writing, choreography a dance, get the idea. Doing this allows us to create a bridge between the unconscious world and the conscious world. Many artists such as Jackson Pollock used this approach in some of their work. The important part (in terms of our psyche) is the act of the exploration and not necessarily the product. I'm looking forward to this exploration and any impact it may have on my art making.

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  1. What a great class! I look forward to hearing more about it:)


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