Friday, October 9, 2009

Something Fun for Friday

Last weekend my husband and I were able to clear a little time in our schedules and went to the zoo together! I'm surprised to say that after nearly 11 years of marriage, this was our first trip to a zoo together! It was a lot of fun - it's a small zoo, owned by a local family. They really had a nice selection of animals and many of them were endangered or threatened. They sold bags of peanuts and corn at the gate (which of course we bought) and most of the animals could be fed (which of course we did). These are just a few of the pics...

The monkeys loved the peanuts!

and the gators and turtles got on famously...

who knew?

Both lions were sleepy boys that day...

No, he's not endangered...but he is darn cute! :)
Happy Friday!!

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