Friday, August 28, 2009

Something Fascinating for Friday

I came across this blog post yesterday - it is worth your time. Chris Higgins from Mental_floss shares his discovery of this fascinating story of a man that took a Polaroid every day for 18 years until the day he died.

Given I am beginning to document more of my everyday encounters (such as Walk with me Wednesday) I found this story very compelling.

Chris Higgins gives us his discovery and the information he found along the way. Read it in his words here.

The photographs span from March 31, 1979 to October 25, 1997 and range from casual gatherings with friends, simple existence and significant personal moments - each one a brief glimpse into this photographer's life.

This video depiction from YouTube is a sampling of the photo archive. I encourage you to visit the actual website Jamie Livingston's Photo of the Day as well and this blog that gives some more background to the project.

I was touched by this project and found it quite inspiring. I would love to hear what you think.

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