Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kudos Collection for the week

That's right - it's that time again...the Kudos Collection for the week! It's so great when we get featured, we want to shout it out to the world! I've starting collecting a few tweets each week of these happy moments - so here they are!

Kudos to tamaragarvey featured on the Etsy front page!

Kudos to oktak featured on the Etsy front page!

Kudos to lupin featured on the Etsy front page

Thanks for joining me and giving these special artists the Kudos they deserve! Do you have a Kudos tweet you would like to share?

1 comment:

  1. Hi there K. Nice, thank you so much for the shout-out! How nice of you to blog and tweet my good news. I am discovering some great new shops through your lovely blog, not least of all yours! :)


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