Monday, October 25, 2010

Watermarks...and other stuff

I did some reading in the Etsy forums and decided I needed to change my watermark. I debated on even using a watermark as many feel that if someone wanted to steal the image it would be easy to remove. But my feeling is that having a watermark at least sends a message, that I claim my work to be mine. Anyhow new watermarks... and new work.

This weekend I walked my puppy down to the boardwalk. It's like a ghost town now, with it being the off-season. But I could still feel the energy I image it has during the summer. This boardwalk has been through some changes through the years. I once found some great historical photos online compiled by Daniel Ray Norris a local photographer. It's great to see what the boardwalk was like in it's Heyday. Much has changed and yet much has also stayed the same. When I saw this sign for Frank's Pizza surrounded by all the carnival bulbs, I thought it was a great image. I tweaked the color and the texture a bit to emulate those days gone by. Enjoy - I would love to read your comments!

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